Junior Software developer (System-level C)

At sysmocom we create mobile communications systems using C, C++, Erlang and Smalltalk programming languages combined with custom hardware. We are leading the development of OpenBSC and related projects inside the Osmocom community and contribute to many Free / Open Source Software projects.

We're looking for junior developers with existing skills in system-level C programming as well as the Python programming language.

Mandatory skills for applicants include

  • C programming language skills on a system level, against POSIX APIs or as found in inside embedded projects like Linux, barebox, u-boot
  • Python programming language skills
  • advanced proficiency in written and oral English
  • TCP/IP network protocol fundamentals

It is beneficial if you optionally have experience in any or some of the following technologies

  • System-level development on Linux/Unix/POSIX systems
  • Protocol-level knowledge on any of the GSM/GPRS/UMTS interfaces
  • GNU autotools (automake, autoconf, autoheader)
  • Prior experience or involvement in any of the Osmocom projects
  • General interest in (digital) radio communications

At sysmocom you will work in a small team where most team members have a very broad view and wide area of expertise. This provides plenty of opportunity to grow your skills while working on intellectually challenging projects. Come and join us!

All applications should include:

  • A CV indicating your name/age, formal education, work experience, areas of interest
  • why you are interested to work with us
  • how you found sysmocom
  • whether you are based in Berlin/Germany and/or have a work permit

In case you are interested please send an email with your job application (using no proprietary file formats) to jobs@sysmocom.de. In your application please point us to some code/work you have done and would like to share with us.