Cellular Network Elements

These components give you the possibility to design your own mobile network based on the choice of your hardware to meet the subscriber, throughput and reliability requirements you need. We are able to support you with software adaption and integration. You will be surprised by our cost model, as most of our code is FOSS: you pay integration and support but no licenses upon subscriber numbers or network throughput. You like to virtualize your network? No problem, we could provide you with containerized versions or virtual machines.

    TCAP Stack

    TCAP is a building block of the SS7 Network. We have developed a complete stack and offer MAP and CAP modules to developers. This allows to implement standard GSM/3GPP consumers and producers.


    The Home Location Register (HLR) is a central component in a mobile network. The Osmocom HLR is a minimal implementation.


    The OsmoBSC is a classic GSM BSC, connecting not only OsmoBTS but also third party BTS to an MSC.