The OsmoBSC was extracted in 2017 from the successful and long term stable OpenBSC to support the setup of cellular RANs in the standard ways. Thus it supports the separation of RAN and core network by connecting on one side to the BTS via Abis/IP and on the other side to the MSC via 3GPP AoIP. To connect to the core network via a SS7 interconnect the OsmoSTP translates to SIGTRAN.

On demand, we could offer the OsmoBSC integrated (eventually together with other core elements) on the sysmoBOX to provide a ready set up solution, which is compact, powersaving and silent.
Alternatively we could integrate the OsmoBSC on a hardware and an unixoid OS of your choice.

sysmocom is offering different support levels for the Osmocom based cellular network elements. This gives you the trust to get support to your needs in the most effective and economic way.