OsmoSGSN is an implementation of the GPRS Serving Gateway Support Node (SGSN) for both 2.5/2.75 and 3G/3.5G networks. It performs the mobility management and session management functions of the packet switched domain.

It terminates Gb and IuPS connections from the RAN side, and interfaces with the GTP-based Gp interface towards the GGSN, such as OsmoGGSN.

Like all sysmocom cellular network infrastructure elements, OsmoSGSN can be provided either in source code format (C code for Linux), as binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux distributions. Upon request, we can also prepare packages for other Linux distributions or container images, e.g. Docker or Kubernetes.

sysmocom is offering different support levels for the Osmocom based cellular network elements. This gives you the trust to get support to your needs in the most effective and economic way.

Software / Logical specification

RAN interface (2G)

Gb (NS/UDP/IP) according to 3GPP TS 48.016 and 48.018

RAN interface (3G)

IuPS according to 3GPP TS 25.410, 25.413 and 25.414 over SUA and M3UA

HLR connection

Osmocom GSUP Protocol (no TCAP/MAP)

GGSN interface

Gp with GTP according to 3GPP TS 29.060

Operating System


More technical information can be found on Osmocom.