sysmocom releases sysmoUSIM User Manual

For many years, we have been offering SIM/USIM cards alongside our cellular network infrastructure product. After all, of what use is a small, private GSM/GPRS/EDGE or now UMTS network without your own SIM cards.


sysmocom SIM/USIM cards

The customers of our SIM/USIM cards have traditionally been cutsomers of our cellular infrastructure products, and there was little requirement to provide any type of documentation or support for the cards themselves.

However, more recently, quite a number of customers are using our cards also with other cellular network infrastructure implementations, and hence are asking about more information for the cards.

We are happy to respond to this with the newly-created sysmoUSIM User Manual which includes some generic introduction to SIM/USIM cards, a full reference list of the specifications our cards comply with, as well as some examples on how to use the Osmocom utilities to test and/or re-provision the cards.

sysmocom publicly releases Osmocom user manuals

Today, sysmocom GmbH announces the public availability of a set of freely available user manuals for a range of Osmocom software projects for operation of Free Software based cellular networks.

The Osmocom projects themselves do not provide a lot of documentation, and the sysmocom-created user manuals had so far been available only to customers of sysmocom GmbH.

"We expect that the availability of free public user manuals will simplify the configuration, deployment and operation of Free Software based cellular networks world-wide." says Harald Welte, Managing Director of sysmocom GmbH.

The release includes user manuals and VTY command line reference manuals for the OpenBSC flavors OsmoBSC and OsmoNITB, as well as OsmoBTS, OsmoPCU, OsmoNITB and OsmoSGSN. Both PDF versions as well as the asciidoc source code is made available under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

The PDF renderings of the latest version of the manuals are available from, while the asciidoc source code is available from

Osmocom ( is a vendor-neutral, collaborative effort to create and maintain Open Source implementations of mobile communications protocol stacks and network elements. It was originally created by Harald Welte in 2010, when the OpenBSC project was joined by more sister projects related to Open Source Mobile Communications.

sysmocom GmbH ( is a Berlin (Germany) based business offering custom tailored cellular infrastructure and testing solutions. It was founded by two of the original developers of OpenBSC, and is a major contributor to many of the Osmocom software projects.