sysmocom releases sysmoUSIM User Manual

For many years, we have been offering SIM/USIM cards alongside our cellular network infrastructure product. After all, of what use is a small, private GSM/GPRS/EDGE or now UMTS network without your own SIM cards.


sysmocom SIM/USIM cards

The customers of our SIM/USIM cards have traditionally been cutsomers of our cellular infrastructure products, and there was little requirement to provide any type of documentation or support for the cards themselves.

However, more recently, quite a number of customers are using our cards also with other cellular network infrastructure implementations, and hence are asking about more information for the cards.

We are happy to respond to this with the newly-created sysmoUSIM User Manual which includes some generic introduction to SIM/USIM cards, a full reference list of the specifications our cards comply with, as well as some examples on how to use the Osmocom utilities to test and/or re-provision the cards.